ASSO BDPV : Non profit organization for photovoltaïcs

Non profit organization for photovoltaïcs

The non-profit Association "ASSO BDPV" was created to promote BDPV, the free website that allows photovoltaic owners to track their production over the years and compare it to nearby facilities. The site also helps users know about the production of their future installation .

The association ensures the administrative and financial management of the site, it also carries out actions to promote the sharing and dissemination of information on photovoltaics, for the public and mainly private individuals wishing to become or are already producers;

Join us to allow the BDPV site live and come to help us promote photovoltaic ! Lifetime Membership is only 20 € !! < / strong>

What do we do ?

Encourage the production of green electricity

Our various actions are to promote by all means the production of photovoltaïc electricity by individuals and more generally the photovoltaïc power or not connected to the network at the expense of fossil energy.

Besides the fact that we allow the BDPV site to exist, we participate in the actions , activities, proposed by other associations and encourage the reduction of electricity consumption.

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