What about you ?

You have a photovoltaïc project ?

Photovoltaïc project ?

Owner of photovoltaïc panels ?

Owner of photovoltaïc panels ?

Thanks to BDPV, check your quote

The performance assessment and financial analysis of our free service production estimate you will verify your quote. Based on the collaborative sharing of 15000 users BDPV, it will prevent you from signing a bad commercial offer.

Find systems like or close to yours

Find, via search engine similar facility (same material, orientation, ..) and study its behavior over the months. You can also view through map , close facilities that undergo the same weather conditions.

Check the validity of your project

By computing, with our quote analysis module , potential production losses due to poor orientation of your panels and comparing the income of sale electricity with the actual cost of your project, BDPV alert you on the weaknesses of it.

PV key figures in your area

15 000 owners of photovoltaic installations share their monthly production data and allow for a full assessment of the actual solar performance each region , state or city .

Describe your system

  • Only once
  • With a friendly interface
  • In ten minutes
  • No equipment to buy
  • Free of charge

Enter your data regularly

  • You are notified by email or sms
  • Entering data from web, smartphone, mail
  • Possible automatic update for your production data
  • No charge, no subscription

Look at your dashboard

Manage performance

Thanks to the multiple indicators, comparison tools... Be pro-active on the health of your installation to ensure and monitor its performance.

Realtime alert

Email alert in case of reduced production, end of warranty, invoice ... You can react immediately.

Full dashboard

A simple and clear, fully graphical interface provides you graphs, tables,... learn all about your installation.

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