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Grâce à votre participation, le site BDPV est reconnu comme le site recensant le plus grand nombre d'installations photovoltaïque Française (avec beaucoup d'installations Belges ou Suisse).

Why support BDPV?

In order to keep BDPV running, with operational costs of 500€ which are not offset by advertising, we regularly conduct support campaigns through which you allow us to thrive and maintain our organizational independence.

Thank you for your support, the BDPV team

  • We depend solely on the donations from our supporters. It's thanks to you that our website is able to continue our mission.
  • So that BDPV remains the website producing the greatest number of French photovoltaic systems
  • To thank our volunteers
  • To offset the operational costs of approximately 500€/year
  • To allow BDPV to keep its financial independence
  • To remove ads
  • To be identified as benefactor
  • To help the development of the Photovoltaïcs

How can you help if you can not or will not join the non-profit organization BDPV ?

You can help in many ways :

  • Entering regularly your production
  • Speaking of the advantages of the BDPV website around you (friends, family , forum , mayor ...
  • By encouraging PV owners to register on BDPV (it's free)